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Technology used in Call Centers

Call centers use a wide variety of different technologies to allow them to manage large volumes of work. These technologies facilitate queuing and processing of calls, maintaining consistent work flow for agents and creating other business cost savings.

These include ;

    * ACW (After call work - Sometimes called "wrap" or "wrap-up")
    * ACD (automatic call distribution)
    * Agent performance analytics
    * AHT (Average Handle Time)
    * ANI (automatic number identification)
    * Automated surveys
    * BTTC (best time to call)/ Outbound call optimization
    * Call Recording (call recording software)
    * CIM (customer interaction management) solutions (Also known              as 'Unified' solutions)
    * Chat and Web Collaboration
    * CTI (computer telephony integration)
    * CRM (customer relationship management)
    * Desktop Scripting Solutions
    * Electronic performance support systems
    * Email Management
    * Enterprise Campaign Management
    * Issue tracking system
    * IVR (interactive voice response)
    * Knowledge Management System
    * Outbound predictive dialer
    * PDS (Predictive Dialing System)
    * Outsourcing
    * Quality Monitoring (call recording software)
    * Speech Analytics
    * Third party verification
    * TTS (text to speech)
    * Virtual queuing
    * Voice analysis
    * Voicemail
    * VoIP
    * Voice recognition
    * WFM (workforce management).