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Best Practices in the Call Center: Make Every Contact Count

It’s no secret that customers aren't buying much these days. The economic engines have locked and stalled, leaving businesses everywhere in freefall. While companies around the globe are jettisoning anything they can to slow the descent, none are ditching CRM . In fact, CRM may be the last remaining parachute: a fact realized during earlier turbulence.

"Like lemmings off a cliff, we watched one company after another make disastrous decisions about cuts to support during the 2001 tech crash: low-quality outsourcing  unannounced cuts to support channels and hours, big support staff layoffs leaving long wait times and stressed agents," John Ragsdale, vice president of Research at SSPA, a large and influential industry trade group for technology service and support professionals, told CRM Buyer.

"This time around we know better: Every change that impacts customer satisfaction impacts the bottom line," Ragsdale explained. "Evaluate how every change made in the name of cost cutting will influence the customer experience: A short-term savings is not worth sacrificing long-term loyalty."