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Qualities of a Successful Call Center Supervisor

We compiled this list after conducting and researching several Call Center studies. The responses were taken from multiple interviews with Call Center representatives and Call Center supervisors then paraphrased. This list can be used as a guideline for Call Center Honest and ethical

Good communicator about performance expectations in all areas of work

Excellent Listener uses empathy and compassion

Provides relevant and developmental feedback (both when things are going well and when improvements are needed) to individuals in timely and meaningful manner.


Everyone has conflicts with other people from time to time; at work, at home, with our friends. Any time we spend a lot of time with people, eventually we bash heads. With our good friends we work through it. With people we dislike, we often just walk away.


But when the conflict happens at work, the walk away option is suddenly taken away. Of course you can walk away from the immediate situation, but the option to never work it out is not a realistic one. So when conflict arises, take a deep breath, and start your way down these five steps to conflict resolution.