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Call Center Jobs in Dubai: Working in IT and Customer Service

Among the many information technology companies in Dubai, call centers are attracting their share of overseas employees. While the call center industry there is not as big as that compared to other countries such as India, there is nevertheless great interest in the prospect for call center jobs in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE.

This is because of Dubai's explosive growth. With more and more multinational companies establishing operations there, the job market in the emirate is offering plenty of career opportunities for both local and foreign workers.

Call center operations are part of a larger phenomenon called BPO, or business process outsourcing. This occurs when a company contracts part of its operations (such as customer support) to a third party to save on costs and to concentrate on its core operations. Thus, the person you talk to over the phone or online when you need help with a product or service isn't necessarily an employee of your product's manufacturer; he or she is likely to be a call center agent located in another country.Call center or contact center agents undergo the necessary training to help them deal successfully with customers' concerns. They are taught to use the latest tools in telecommunication and software to make interactions with clients as seamless as possible. Moreover, in addition to knowing about the product or service for which they provide customer support, they also possess good communication and problem-solving skills, which are vital when it comes to customer service. If talking or interacting with various types of people is not a problem for you, then maybe this is a job you can consider.

A large number of call centers are in operation 24 hours a day for most of the week, with its agents working in shifts, so it can take some time for you to adjust to the schedule especially if you're assigned a late schedule. Fluency in verbal and written English is a must for this job, and in Dubai you have a larger chance of getting hired as a call center agent if you also speak Arabic. Also, no special education or technical experience is needed; oftentimes, a college diploma or even just some college courses is sufficient. However, having some background in BPO or at least in customer service would be helpful.

Surveys show that call center agents these days tend to be in their twenties and thirties, and can earn anything from 2,000-8,000 dirham’s a month in Dubai. Salary, of course, depends on a number of factors, including scope of responsibility. Other job incentives may also be offered, which may differ by company.