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Egyptian call centers able to maintain high quality services at competitive prices

Thanks to a strong telecommunications infrastructure network, access to state of the art technology, and a stable base of highly trained IT professionals and multilingual agents, Egypt is well situated to be a focal point of call center convergence.

Egyptian call centers benefit from what CIO's Buyer's Guide to Offshore Outsourcing rates as good English proficiency and the labor cost advantage of competitive local IT salaries. Clients around the world are already benefiting from Egypt's privileged position as the center of the fiber optics network linking East and West, and major multinationals have joined the growing list of companies looking to Egypt to deliver premium IT and telecom services in fields such as travel information, banking, and IT services.

Egypt is linked to satellite earth stations for the Intelsat, Immersed and Aras at systems, as well as submarine cables between South Asia and Western Europe, and Europe to Japan, Australia, and other countries in East Asia. In order to increase Egypt's international connectivity to better serve both Internet and Call Center Value Added Services, a partnership was launched between Egypt's leading carrier, Telecom Egypt and FLAG Telecom, for a Europe-Asia, and USA underwater cable system providing fast, reliable, advanced and cost effective network services. International tariffs have also been significantly over the past few years.