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Latest Figures from the Berlin-Brandenburg Call Center Survey

Germany's Capital Region – A Fine Location for Call Centers

With 244 call centers employing a total of 26,711 staff the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is one of leading call center locations in Europe. These are the findings of the latest call center survey carried out jointly by Berlin Partner GmbH and the Brandenburg Economic Development Board (ZAB), which has now been published. 

The previous survey, carried out two years ago, recorded 231 call centers and a combined workforce of about 20,000. 37 percent of the call centers in the region are call center agencies, 45 percent are in-house call centers, and 18 percent are in-house call centers that also take on outsourced work. The most labor-intensive segments of the call center industry are those dealing with telecommunication, banking/financial services/insurance, transportation/aviation/logistics, trade/mail-order, media/publishing, and energy/services. These segments together account for more than three-quarters of the jobs in the sector
each workstation is used by 1.7 call center agents on average. Women make up 65 percent – i.e. almost two-thirds – of call center staff. The average staff turnover rate is 13.7 percent. Almost all the call centers (95 percent) in the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region say they would choose the location again. Locational factors such as transport infrastructure, the proximity to universities and colleges, wage levels, the location’s image, office rental costs, and the availability of multilingual employees were rated as either “very good” or “good”.