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Bringing Call Centers Home: Breaking Away from Traditional Call Centers

When you hear the words "call center" you automatically envision a big open room full of computers, desks and people with headsets talking. You think of a customer service department or a support line. In today's time though there's a new way to see call centers and it's quite there's a new way to see call centers and it's quite different. It's a mom at home with her two children playing in the other room while she is assisting a customer with their order. It's a dad in his home office helping a person with their computer issues. Working at home is an American dream and with today's technology it's more possible than ever. There are at least 30 U.S. Companies that are hiring at home call center agents. That's right. American Infomercial Companies and Customer Service Departments have finally realized that although outsourcing calls overseas is cheaper it's not cost-effective. Mainly because most Americans will hang up on a foreigner and not call back to order the product they wanted. The main reasons of a lost sale are that they can't understand the foreigner or they just don't trust them with their credit card information. On the other hand, those same people if they get an American will most of the time place the order. 
American Call Centers have been thing of the past because it's just not cost-effective. You have to have a large facility, buy all the equipment (computers, headsets, servers), and then hire employees on an hourly basis. It never pays for itself. You don't have quality agents either. Most of the people are there to just a get a check and don't care if they get fired or do a good job. It's hard to even to keep a full staff with all the people that quit or are fired everyday. It's not a good situation for anyone involved.